Welcome to SUPERBOOTH20 Home Edition




listen: Jean-Michel Jarre

Resuming plenty of talks and discussions on the SuperBooth20 home edition we had the impression to have formed the wordwide “community” a little bit stronger with what we did. Exactly this was the job we was given in an online interview by Jean-Michel Jarre from France who could not join SuperBooth in time towards his good friend Christophe who sadly passed away just a few days earlier.

listen: Daniel Miller (mute/MZF)

The second “last word” was given to us by our friend Daniel Miller for the “Miller Zillmer Stiftung” supporting artists and activities worldwide as a foundation now, also supporting the “modular synthesizer ensemble” reminding us to please support the next generation of upcoming artists with good ideas especially now.


latest contributions



latest: tiptop audio Z5000 echo n reverbs

Tiptop is introducing three new modules in either black or white to delay and reverb your sounds.

latest: Nonlinear Labs C15

One of the founders of the berlin based company Native Instruments called Stephan Schmitt concentrated on his earlier ideas and visions founding Nonlinear Labs inventing just one product: the C15. Here it is!

latest: 1010 music

Study 1010 music introducing their latest eurorack module the bitbox micro as a new polyphonic tool.


Part 1

listen to the SUPERBOOTH20 Home Edition



mix: opening

Should I really do it again? Of course i will do it again. there is nobody answering anyway!
So, Superbooth is now, have fun with the Videos! Thats it.

mix: introducing the team of SB

Andreas Schneider, Robert Siegel, Timm Stobbe, Nadine Moser, Andre Kaufmann, Thomas Brandes, Alex Voy, Mareen Nagel, Evi Kruckenhauser .. introducing themselves in this session.

enjoy: Danielle de Picciotto

Danielle de Picciotto is an American born, interdisciplinary artist, living in Berlin since 1987. She was the co-founder of the Berlin Love Parade and has performed and exhibited internationally since 1989 together with Crime & The City Solution, Gudrun Gut, The Space Cowboys and her husband Alexander Hacke, founding member of Einstürzende Neubauten. Danielle has released two books, writes regular essays for culture magazines and is known for her intricate spoken word interwoven into her music. She plays the violin, hurdy gurdy and autoharp but has also always been part of the electronic music scene. Her music combines both worlds in a dreamy, experimental and unique fashion. As the interdisciplinary artist that she is, her art accompanies her music as fantastic, interwoven visuals morphing drawings into strange shapes and forms to her music.

Homepage: danielledepicciotto.com

mix: introducing tapeloop education

HerrSchneider welcomes you on board from his private stage introducing the educational activities with the tapeloop workshop as an example.

learn: tapeloop workshop

Sasha is performing with compact cassettes offering a smart way to design a quite creative tapeloop installation here. His workshop is constantly busy and would have been a part of our educational program during SuperBooth20, as during SuperBooth21, hopefully too.

listen: Sonic State, England

Nick Batt and Andy McCreeth are running the sonic state onlineportal for videos explaining and promoting our products. We are working with each other for over 15 years on all the bigger tradshows now.

study: Sputnik Synths: VOSTOK

Vitali Batjnelnka from Sputnik Synths is giving ..a perfect example for what could help to make a good product sell well: Spirit, Carma, hardware quality paired with outstanding charme and a good idea. Were looking forward to meet them in person on SuperBooth21.

mix: Introducing Mareen, booking

From Kurtschlag - the Heart of Brandenburg Province - HerrSchneider is giving a hint to all the upcoming Videos and lMovies,..

enjoy: Schallmodul

Wenn sich zwei aus den beiden am weitesten voneinander entfernten Spiralarmen der musikalischen Galaxie begegnen und in Form von modularen Synthesizern einen gemeinsamen Nenner finden dann kann dabei so etwas wie Schallmodul entstehen.

Mathias Kettner und Oliver Rauscher bringen polyrhythmische Strukturen, vorgefundene Klänge und Akkordprogressionen mit einem Instrumentarium zusammen, das sie in dieser Konstellation für ihre Klangexpeditionen
passgenau zusammengestellt haben.

Youtube: youtube.com

mix: Kalle aus Kurtschlag

..Life is Easy, once you are retired.

listen: Aditya Nandwana, India

Aditya is running a production line of (guitar) pedals as "Animal Factory Amplification" from Mumbay in India. He and his products has been introduced to us on an earlier SuBoo with a smart performance together with Alexander Hacke from Einstürzende Neubauten.

enjoy: OSE

OSE | ओस  is the moniker of Arushi Jain, a San Francisco based sound architect and modular synthesist. OSE brings out the vibrancy of Hindustani Classical music (the traditional music of North India) in modern electronic movements, by composing electronic music heavily inspired by her background as an Indian classical musician. Her art is contemporary Hindustani classical, played with modular synthesizers, samplers and her voice. She grew up in Delhi, studying Indian ragas at the Prayag Hindustani Music School and the Ravi Shankar Institute in Delhi. She completed her B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University, where she was introduced to computer-generated sounds and synthesis at the Centre for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). Arushi is interested in instrument design philosophies and experimentation with a focus on linking western and eastern musicology, as well as the sonic fingerprint of online networks and servers. Arushi is the founder of GHUNGHRU (www.ghunghru.fm), a radio series and record label based out of San Francisco. GHUNGHRU hosts radio shows on boxout.fm, where OSE is a resident - popularly known by her online moniker Modular Princess. Her work has been featured on FactMag, MixMag, Magnetic Magazine, Bandcamp, XLR8R, VOGUE, Border Movement and Wild City.

Instagram: instagram.com/modularprincess/

study: Schneidersladen sample pack

Timm Stobbe created a sample pack with all those noises and sounds that we know from our visiits to Schneidersladen, the video gives you a few impressions of the making of and a first preview what to make with it.

You can download the samples by clicking here.

mix: feat Ken Macbeth talking

HerrSchneider in Kurtschlag, the heart of the brandenburg province is introducing his earlier online chat with Ken Macbeth in Edinborough from the little meeting boat of Benno and Kalle.

listen: Ken Macbeth, Scotland

Ken Macbeth is an experienced inventor and engineer with a classical career except his earlier love for loud music and performance. He is the only one of our manufacturing partners who are more on stage (& at the bar) than with their products during SuperBooth. Fuckety Buckety is the name of his band, partnering with T.Raumschmiere live on several earlier SuBoo stages.

study: friends of Touell Skouarn

Touell Skuarn is a company from bask (?) coming from the guitar pedal business, already busy with eurorack for a long time, well known for their quality and loved for their fine distortions and sound processing tools.

mix: watch it at any time

HerrSchneider introducing the number of videos on the "stream" lets you know that you can also watch all these later on.

listen: Douglas McCarthy, USA

Nitzer Ebb sould have played as a headliner on this years SuperBooth on the Seaside stage, this did not happen. The singer of the band was now giving us an impression about how it feels in Los Angeles these days. Listen.

learn: modular caroussel on display

An educational furniture for modular newbees called the modular caroussel by HerrSchneider is placed to a smaller galerie next to the street window in Berlin Mitte ... to be heard and played by appointment at Gallery GH36.

listen: Marc Sirguy, France

Marc Sirguy was distributing analogue synthesizers in France 1998 already, "Mesi" was our partner making the first exhibitions in Frankfurt with the name "SuperBooth" in 2001 already. Their shop Modular Square is closed at the time, he is doing ok, explaining the situation in France here.

mix: hello from Dieter

Dieter Doepfer is at home and well.. just going ahead with what he is doing and Sibille and the Dog ..

enjoy: HerrSchneider

Having used a real typewriter always to note things that are a bit more emotional here or there, now I tried to make a peace of music a bit more emotional by using a real typewriter.
Listen to a small homegrown musical piece here on my oldschool drummachines, two little old synths and a hardware sequencer from an old friend in the USA synchronized performed with my beloved SND ACME-4.
The Typewriter is going thru the rare T-Rex Replicator tape delay module that was on sale in SchneidersLaden and nobody wanted it, I love it and it works totally fine. Thank you.

mix: Superbooth20 Home Edition

The year 2020 without Superbooth in Berlin? There are many topics that are certainly more important right now. Nevertheless, we don't want to let the Superbooth days pass by. We invite everyone who wants to be there under our (virtual) roof - on April 23rd, for the Superbooth20 Home Edition.




Part 2

Learn and study – Das Workshop Programm



mix: Education Intro (eng)

Nadine is telling us little bit about the "Superbooth Education" idea, that could not happen as planned in 2020. Still some of the "makers" offer good things to do now and from home, please listen, dont miss the DIY-offer and go ahead learning.

mix: Nadine introducing eduction part in German

Nadine, our Education Tante (Edu Tante) is introducing workshops we would have done with pupils from schools in Berlin.

Unsere Edu Tante Nadine stellt die Workshops vor, die wir während SuperBooth mit Schülerinnen aus Berlin durchgeführt hätten.

learn: Was es leider noch nicht gibt

Manu Richter alias Leaf Audio introducing his vision of a bonsai-soundbox as a kids workshop, postponed to next years SuperBooth but still alive .. !

**** Dieses Jahr wird Manuel einen Workshop live am 30.04.2020 auf Youtube streamen, in dem Ihr die Möglichkeit habt, einen Noisefoc-Oszillator unter virtueller Anleitung zu bauen.****

Für die Bestellung des Kits und weitere Details klickt bitte auf diesen Link: Superbooth20 Home-Edition DIY-Kit

learn: selbstgebaute Musik

in this little video Hajo from selbstgebautemusik.de is explaining in german language what the kids from the selected school classes for our annual education section would have been able to create and play with. to support the DIY project "Selbstgebaute Musik" you can go to their online shop and get one of the diy music instruments kits they offer there. go to selbstgebautemusik.de

learn: the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble

With SuperBooth16 already we invited Gammon as an experienced user of eurorack modulars having made kids projects in Vienna to work on a set of instruments for complete school classes. His "Modular Synthesizer Ensemble" was the result and is booked all the year thru all over Europe in between.

learn: Manus DIY workshop area

Manuel Richter alias Leaf Audio macht seit über zehn Jahren Eigenbau-Workshops als gruppendynamisches Event vornehmlich mit technisch Interessierten aller Altersklassen. Zur SuperBooth20 wurde das Programm für die tägliche Teilnahme von Schulklassen am Vormittag erweitert.

**** Dieses Jahr wird Manuel einen Workshop live am 30.04.2020 auf Youtube streamen, in dem Ihr die Möglichkeit habt, einen Noisefoc-Oszillator unter virtueller Anleitung zu bauen.****

Für die Bestellung des Kits und weitere Details klickt bitte auf diesen Link: Superbooth20 Home-Edition DIY-Kit

mix: Nadine announcing info for Leaf Audio Workshop

On the sheet of paper you find the info for the online soldering workshop!

learn: tapeloop workshop

Sasha is performing with compact cassettes offering a smart way to design a quite creative tapeloop installation here. His workshop is constantly busy and would have been a part of our educational program during SuperBooth20, as during SuperBooth21, hopefully too.

enjoy: Kairostar - Kunstlederremix

Robert Siegel is a part of SuperBooth since the very beginnings already. He was the first employee of SchneidersBuero organizing the exhibition in 2002. Kairostar was always celebrating good electronic music those days, he is the head of repairing synthesizers in Berlin btw..

mix: Introducing Mareen, booking

From Kurtschlag - the Heart of Brandenburg Province - HerrSchneider is giving a hint to all the upcoming Videos and lMovies,..

mix: Trailer Superbooth20 relax

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH21 Home Edition

mix: mareens contemporary ambient set

Mareen features three exciting acts in the ambient field. First is Maarten Vos, a composer, cellist and producer from Utrecht and Berlin. The second act are Nguyễn + Transitory. Their work crosses the disciplines of sound, performance, and installation. And Carolina Eyck, using her voice and the Theremin. Enjoy & Relax!

enjoy: Maarten Vos

Maarten Vos is a Dutch cellist, composer and producer based in Utrecht and Berlin. He transforms traditional instrumentation into newfangled sounds and wields technology like something intricately

Known as much for his outlier, exploratory approach to the cello as his work with modular synthesizers, he’s part of an exciting movement of artists.

Homepage: maartenvos.com

enjoy: Nguyễn + Transitory - Live From Queer Ear Mastering - Superbooth 2020 Performance

Nguyễn + Transitory is composed of Nguyễn Baly and Tara Transitory. Their work crosses the disciplines of sound, performance, and installation. Avoiding the use of samples, they work mainly with modular synthesizers and analog tape attempting to approach sound, synthesis, noise, rhythm, and performance from a less colonial lens – looking into how frequencies, the physicality of producing sounds and its incidental vibrations relate to cognitive memories, stored emotions and catharsis.  Their practice involves as well efforts to empirically learn more about various Southeast Asian + diaspora queer existences and lost histories.

Website: nguyentransitory.wordpress.com

enjoy: Carolina Eyck (Theremin & Voice)

In her solo show Theremin & Voice, Carolina breaks new ground using a surround sound system,
allowing her theremin to break free and fill the space. Magical loops and artfully arranged layers of
Carolina's voice are generated live on stage and fly through the room in sync with her dance-like

Singing without lyrics, Carolina's voice and theremin form the perfect symbiosis. Indistinguishable
at times, her voice appears out of reach and the theremin almost human. Balancing between
minimal and progressive electronic music, Carolina's melodic and partly fixed composition style
leaves plenty of space for her virtuoso improvisations.

Homepage: carolinaeyck.com




Part 3

Products, Informations, Gespraechskonzerte



study: instead of a tradeshow here.. ?

Andre Kaufmann introducing the videos made by manufacturers and other friends of superbooth from home.

study: Zähl AM1 Desroi

Michael Zähl was already designing (analogue) mixing desks decades ago. His latest one is including channelstrips with CV-controls for plenty of parameters, be inspired, please.

study: Amazona giveaways!

Peter Grandl is running the quite busy onlineportal Amazona.de with reviews and usergroups for electronic musical instruments in german language.

study: La Voix du Luthier

Christophe Duquesne from Haken Audio is introducing the speaker/amps series called La Voix du Luthier with wooden membranes here. Introducing Onde and Pyramid he is giving a talk and very basic and good entertaining introductions to their philosophy in this compact workshop.

mix: carlo makes a coffee 4 u

Please also watch the full introduction of our free "schneidersladen sample pack" with ALL sounds.. or step in for a cup of coffee once we are back in full function.

study: CG products

Christian Günther is a Berlin based artist having made sculptures for music as you see in this video. His eurorack modular series is handmade from around the corner so more than recommendable. He is a fan of banana jacks still doing "classic" eurorack always for the world.

study: ALM News

Matthew from ALM is introducing a new software version for his Squid Salmple and updates on his most famous module called Pamelas Workout.

mix: DAF SuBoo & Verbos

Deutsch-Amerkanische Freundschaft is also the great neighborhood with Verbos electronics and the SuperBooth headquarter in Berlin, .. mostly..

study: Verbos Gespraechskonzert I

Mark Verbos in the result of the interrupted recordings .. part 1

mix: Hainbach introducing Whisky

Special Reserve Stream
By Hainbach + Konstantine
and special Guest: DivKid

TIme: 22.4. - 24.4. 16-22H
featuring over 25 boutique manufacturers
(ADDAC Systems, ThreeTomModular, Joranalogue, Music Thing Modular, Worng Electronics and many more)
and an after hour whiskey hangout with some of your favorite people in synthesis.
"Experience the planned chaos of Superbooth in your pyjamas"
"Like a trade show, but sexier"
Where: youtube.com/user/hainbach101

study: Verbos Gespraechskonzert 2

Mark Verbos of Verbos Electronics gives the rundown of the 3 new modules debuted in 2020. Amp & Tone - a 10hp Sallen-Key lowpass filter followed by a discrete VCA, Foundation Oscillator - the long awaited small VCO utilizing a unique method of waveshaping and finally, Noise & Filter - a 4hp fixed filter bank with noise.

study: eurorack-essentials

eurorack essentials product presentation - some essentials tools to make your eurorack-stereo output massive... (with beloved 2 LR MS MS LR modules)

study: Tubbutec µTune and multitool

Toby from Tubbutec is introducing their Microtune quantizer, Midi- and CV-interface, ..and an expander - the polyphonic multitool.

study: InstrumentsOfThings Gespraechskonzert

Instruments of Things presents 2.4SINK Wireless CV Interface with the new firmware including Ableton Link.

study: Moon Modular, Gert Jallass

Gert Jallass alias Moon Modular is offering a full range modular system in the classical 5 rackspace format, playing a very smart little session with his system.

study: Finegear Dust Collector

Finegear is proud to present The Dust Collector. It’s the first of the Arkive Effects series and it has 2 LFOs, 2 tape saturations, a spring reverb, a delay and a phaser.
Each of these effects was designed with versatility in mind and the combination is greater than the sum of the parts.
Find out more at finegear.net/dust

mix: the missing ride on the boat

Remembering our boat rides along the river spree, here is the next one now ..

study: Haken Audio slim continuums

Presentation and performance on Haken Audio products including the Slim Continuum, CVC, and ContinuuMini.

mix: Also jetzt?

Standing in the middle of a street in the heart of Brandenburg Province at times of Corona, there is currently NO danger... and NO rush.

study: Audiowerkstatt greetings

Greetings from berlin-neukölln :-) from the Audiowerkstatt headquarter with some sounds from the berlin based Transistor of Merci.

study: Soulsby Synthesizers

UK based Soulsby is busy offering a bunch of desktop synths as participator of the SuperBooth for a few years already. Here you get his update.

mix: Alle Tische sind im FEZ

Even after SuperBooth20 had to be cancelled, we had to realize the transport of all the stuff from one stockroom to another one with three drives of a big 20' truck. This is Andre in our old stockroom.

study: Kodamo Essence FM

Stephane, the founder of Kodamo, presents you the EssenceFM, an innovative FM synthesizer he has developed over the last two years.

The goal is to make FM fun, quick and easy to experiment with, while providing a lot of power and advanced features once you're ready to dive deeper into sound synthesis.

Connect the operators together directly on the touch screen, create graphical envelopes with loop points, draw custom waveforms, map you controller's knobs to any parameter in seconds...

FM is a great synthesis full of surprises, we hope the EssenceFM will help you to create new crazy sounds!

mix: Hinweis Digital Analog

Digital Analog is an established yearly event in Munichs Gasteig about visual and sounds offering plenty of gigs and performances of young artists and bands. SchneidersBuero was introducing the modular caroussell there for years already, the people love it and we always have a very good time there. This year they don’t know .. as we did.

enjoy: Synth-Werk KS Discover Trakl

Gerhard Mayrhofer alias SYNTH-WERK is introducing their Version of a big system such as the original Moog IIIp but made in germany with some improvements. See his online gig with the full show of a piece inspired by Klaus Schulze here.

study: outro Andre Kaufmann

Trade show on the web is a lot at the time, please also have a look for www.sonicstate.com, Hainbach as one of the youtube promoters and others.




Part 4

enjoy SUPERBOOTH aftershow events



mix: Mareen introducing aftershow 1

The first part of our after show event is in the hands of Shawn Rudiman, Doug Cooney, Lady Starlight, Headless Horseman and Swarm Intelligence. Enjoy!

enjoy: Shawn Rudiman

Shawn Rudiman was baptised into euro EBM and u.s. industrial funk/dance floor noise. After participating in that genre for 7 or so years releasing 5full-length albums, singles and remixes, Rudiman was exposed to the sounds of deep, soulfull and jackin techno. He became friends with "Shake " Shakir, and Daniel Bell. Led to records on Bell's 7th City imprint, 20+ rekords he has proven he's here to stay.

More music: www.discogs.com

mix: Doug Cooney introduction

Doug saying hello to us before his liveset for SuperBooth20 home edition.

enjoy: Doug Cooney

Doug Cooney is hailing from Ireland and has cultivated his knowledge of Techno music over many years. Doug's passion for this craft runs deep and his DJ sets span the full spectrum of Techno, past and present. Doug brings a similarly tireless ethos to his own productions, which blend classic analogue synthesis with contemporary digital sound design.

Doug is also the driving force behind Real Sound an independent music school for aspiring producers and DJs in Dublin. Real Sound provides workshops and showcases for those hoping to learn the craft of electronic music, within the laid back and straightforward environment Doug insists on with all he does. Doug is a part of a strong team at BIFE DJ & Music Production Techniques Tutor working
alongside Sunil Sharpe & Defekt (Tinfoil) investing in the future generations of Irish Electronic music and further developing his craft in great company.

More sounds: soundcloud.com/dougcooney

enjoy: Lady Starlight

Lady Starlight (b. Colleen Martin, 1975) is an American DJ and performance artist, whose keen focus on authentic communication has made her one of the more original and colorful artists to be active in multiple media. True to her namesake, she has followed her own star by choosing to integrate a number of different influences – performance / body art, progressive rock and metal, and electronic dance music – into a single eclectic, but coherent, personality.

On the web: ad-sound.com/artist/lady-starlight

enjoy: Headless Horseman

From the shadows to the stage, Headless Horsemans musical efforts are meticulously executed without compromise. The eponymous Headless releases sum up the modus operandi of this artist: dark, raw and rhythmic IDM flavoured Techno. His hardware only live sets at Berghain, Berlin Atonal, Boiler Room and worldwide have showcased the Horseman’s insurmountable skills as a producer and cemented his place in todays techno scene.

Homepage: headless-horseman.net

enjoy: Swarm Intelligence

"Could it be that there’s a specifically Irish sound within hard techno? Eomac, Lakker, Sunil Sharpe, Swarm Intelligence: all of them have a special way with grainy, textured distortion that makes it feel like the track is full of iron filings, and all of them are blasting towards you."

Tense atmospherics, uncompromising levels of distortion and stark, astute beats constitute a distinctive sound that Simon Hayes has been honing for more than a decade under his Swarm Intelligence guise.

A restless sonic explorer, his numerous releases span a range of styles – from ambient and noise, through techno and electro, right through to drum and bass and breakcore.

More sounds: soundcloud.com/swarmintelligence

mix: Mareen introducing aftershow 2

The first part of our after show event is in the hands of Zavoloka, MATTHS, Tom Holroyd (Verbos Electronics), Miquel Dangla, crouds, Sacha Ketterlin, jesusonecstasy, Kreisferkeer Flaake, Flirren. Enjoy!

enjoy: Zavoloka

ZAVOLOKA is a stage name of Kateryna Zavoloka – a Berlin-based Ukrainian composer, sound artist, performer and visual artist.

Zavoloka’s main focus is to explore digital and analogue synthesis and instruments. Zavoloka often collaborates with Kotra (DE/UA) and has been invited to support as special guest Aphex Twin’s (UK) audiovisual rave shows, collaborated and performed live with many sound and visual artists, has took part in many different cross-genre art projects.

Homepage: zavoloka.com

enjoy: MATTHS

Acclaimed electronic producer MATTHS, the Brighton-based artist who captivates listeners with masterful, brooding beats and dynamically charged sonic excursions achieved recognition with his debut release on the legendary FatCat Records.

His dynamic and intense productions, characterised for the controlled fusion of both ambient and aggressive electronica, provides layers of rhythm and melody, drenched in arrhythmic delays and swashes of reverb enabled through the combination of software and a bespoke modular synthesiser setup.

Homepage: matthsmatthsmatths.com

enjoy: Tom Holroyd [Verbos Electronics]

Currently residing in Berlin, DE. Tom Holroyd - artist, electronics technician for synthesizer manufacture Verbos Electronics and member of the Berlin based Campus Modulari, has an evolving interest in exploring abstraction through sound. Performing in an improvised fashion, Holroyd seeks some middle ground between psychedelia and abrasive analog rhythms & textures with the help of FX, Feedback paths, Drum machines and a system comprised of Verbos Electronics modules.

mix: carlo in the loop

Carlo Krug is the head of sales in our beloved showroom, checking the size of the room compared to his bike here ..

enjoy: Miquel Dangla

Originally hailing from Barcelona and with a background as a guitar player, Miquel Dangla got obsessed with electronic music instruments upon moving to Berlin almost a decade ago. Ever since, he has embraced the unpredictable and open nature of modular synthesizers and explores the boundaries between electro, techno and ambient during his improvised live sets.

More sounds: soundcloud.com/miqueldangla

enjoy: crouds

Andreas Schuller and Jay Nagel started making music together in 2017. Shortly after, they've formed crouds with the initial intention to perform electronic club music live. They developed a versatile live setup consisting of several instruments which enables them to improvise their sets on the fly. Just like in their live sets, sampling is a key technique they use in the studio as well. They are also founders of Sonic Ground, an electronic music collective with emphasis on live performance and improvisation.

More sounds: soundcloud.com/crouds

enjoy: Sacha Ketterlin

Sacha Ketterlin presents a short performance recorded in his studio with the TR909 and modular system.

Born in Switzerland and raised in France, Sacha Ketterlin has been living in Berlin since 2008. Classically trained in piano, he is now known for his absorptive, richly textured electronic sounds. Strongly influenced by techno and rave culture, he went on to dive deeply in the electronic music scene, organizing techno parties and Ambisonic events with live performance in focus.

More sounds: soundcloud.com/sacha-ketterlin

enjoy: jesusonecstasy

Born in 1982, Koper, Slovenia. Finished studies at Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Ljubljana. Completed the elementary music school, piano and guitar. Started making computer based music in 1997 as jesusonecstasy, then created soundtracks combining classical instruments to electronics with Sirote. In 2011 started developing electronic musical instruments for his live acts and intermedia art installations. Living and working in Berlin since 2015.

Homepage: mitjacerkvenik.com

enjoy: Kreisferkeer Flaake

Live electronic music by 'Kreisferkeer Flaake‘ – improvised for one evening and for one place. All Kreisferkeer Flaake performances are improvisations – that's why the music is different each and every time, oscillating somewhere between Dancefloor, Ambient and Experimental. No tricks, no props, no safety net, instead music and sounds are created on the spot and just for the moment. What you hear is what you get: three humans with their electronic sound machines – and no computers.

'Kreisferkeer Flaake‘ began operations in 2006 in Hamburg with Thorsten Adam (adamcharon), Carsten Schulz (quadratschulz) und Jan-Hinnerk Helms (wolfgangschaltung) at the controls.

More sounds: soundcloud.com/kreisferkeerflaake

enjoy: Flirren

After having removed computers from our set up, we are playing our tracks live with hardware. We are using synthesized sounds and samples from Moog Subsequent 37, elektron analog rythm and internetradio, triggered by a drum pad and a 1010 Black Box. Our "disco bowl" is a virtual analog synthesizer that is played with hand gestures in the air. It was built by Thomas Wagner and Per Salzwedel of Flame instruments in the late 90ies. Thomas is also playing a Flame Mäander synthesizer, Jomox MBase 01 and Nord Drum 3p in this video. Martina Dünkelmann plays Roland tr8-s, vocoder VP-03 and an e-cello that gets synthesized by a Boss SY-300 now and then.

More sounds: soundcloud.com/flirren

mix: Mareen announcing c-lounge

This year Mareen made all the booking for our outstanding more than 100 SuperBooth concerts that did not happen. So here she is introducing the very last set of our virtual one, the home edition, enjoy.

enjoy: Tommy Giitar

Tommy Giitar and Herr Schneider once founded a rock music theater ensemble in Bremen called „Hot Five & the sicks“, celebrating the geniuses of Frank Zappa and Monty Python (1990). They also played in an Irish Folk & Jazz trio together at that time.

25 years later both reunited to form another ensemble of creativity and passion with the name „Superbooth Berlin“ (2015).

In this video Tommy compiled a collage of acoustic, ambient and ethno elements, that is dedicated to the people who cannot travel to Berlin to SUPERBOOTH20 or anywhere else to see their beloved ones due to the global Corona situation.

Moduls used: Novation Peak, Vermona DRM1, Yamaha CP4, Yamaha Motif Rack, Doepfer Dark Energy, Doepfer Dark Time, MFB Tanzbär, Moog DFAM, ER-M Multiclock, Ableton Push, E-Bass, E-Guitar, A-Guitar, drum samples (Ableton), ethno samples (Earth Moments).

enjoy: KLÄNG

Kläng brings to life an arrangement of contemporary musical ideas that unite mindful and provocative sounds and remain well balanced in inverted poise.  

Their improvisation style benefits from the artists’ widely different musical backgrounds. Veith Michel aka. Cotzhausen (modular synth / sample processing)  and Glenn Knopf (vibes / percussion) create a peaceful and meditative environment that invites the audience to dive deep, to escape the overwhelming and fast paced information flows of modern society, thus leaving distressing routines behind and making space for unexpected feelings and emotions to emerge.  

Acoustic landscapes, strange creatures, as well as deep forests filled with living organisms contemplate the volatile lightness and precision of classical music. The duo invites you to set sail on a musical journey through the mist with your eyes closed.

More sounds:https://klaengprojekt.bandcamp.com

enjoy: Steve H., Oceana

Steve Horelick is perfoming his Buchla 200e system together with a music easel for the Superbooth20 home edition here.
"Steve H" is living in the USA and he was playing live on two earlier SuBoos in Berin already.

Homepage: https://stevehmusic.com/

enjoy: Panic Girl

Panic Girl is a modular downtempo artist based in Munich, Germany. Combining hardware such as modular synthesizers, Elektron gear and a Jomox drum machine along with field recordings and gentle voicescapes, she manages to create music that blurs the line between electronic composition and naturally organic ambience. Panic Girls music is a personal and intimate tour through the mindset of an ambitious daydreamer that dares you to dream with her.

More sounds: soundcloud.com/panicgirl

enjoy: Notturno (Ströme)

Ströme is the unique electro live act of two musicians Mario Schönhofer and Tobias Weber. With their modular synthesizers, they create brute beats, warm melodies and unheard sounds that melt into a unique sound that makes clubs and festivals boil.

The two musicians studied bass and drums and have been on the road with many live bands for the last years (the last years they both played with Labrassbanda). Since the end of 2015, they have dedicated themselves entirely to electro and performed with Ströme in many clubs (Distillery, Grelle Trout, Harry Klein...) and festivals (Echelon, Ikarus...).

Homepage: https://stroeme.com/

mix: installing moderating

Place enough and still Nothing left.

mix: alex, I want my money back

It really happened once .. relax.

mix: Alex introducing VOSTOK

We gave our best to respekt the upcoming inventors from russia to welcome them on board with the outstanding VOSTOK available as a video intro from the companies headquarter on La Palma.