About the Musikmesse and us.

The so called TRANS EUROPA EXZESS was the very last issue of our trade show
exhibitions in Frankfurt/Germany that we called the SUPERBOOTH most times.
It was a series of engaged, often improvised installations with music, it was the
most crowded stand in their hall for electronic musical instrumenst sometimes,
it was a lot of work and finally it was also going on tour with a bunch of stuff.

After having made unforgettable happenings at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt,
we took our mobile modular to london, to poland and played gigs in berlin clubs‚
so now – we need a little break!

If you want to join and stay updated, please follow our blog and the links from
there for further informations. As soon as possible we will let you know on
STROMKULT about news, concerts or trade shows wherever you can meet us.


..wishing you all the best,
SchneidersBuero, SchneidersLaden, our partners and friends